During these unprecedented times, we ask you to consider making direct donations to The River or Sunshine Place food pantries, so that families who are faced with economic hardship due to COVID can get immediate assistance. Please give generously, many people who count on lunch programs or face lay offs are going to need a lot of help in the weeks ahead.

We actively participate in Stewardship projects through Lutheran World Relief. Quilts, School Kits, Baby Care Kits and Personal Care Kits are assembled each year.  

In 2020 we sent to Lutheran World Relief:

88 Quilts

100 School Kits

60 Personal Care Kits

We are a host church for Dane county and volunteer and support several build days each year.

Burke made 88 quilts to send to Lutheran World Relief. Ninety additional quilts were made and given to River Food Pantry, Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army and the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe. In addition quilts were given to High School graduates and for baptisms. Our quilters meet every Wednesday morning from 9:00 til noon.

Members of the congregation have been knitting or crocheting prayer shawls for distribution at area hospitals.. With our proximity to the University of Wisconsin Orthopedic Hospital they have become a recipient of many of these

If you're interested in participating in this ministry we have patterns available. Completed shawls can be left with Pastor Rob for distribution.

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