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Join us at the men's breakfast for a delicious breakfast and fellowship.

When:  Second Wednesday of each month, 9am

Where:  Gus' Diner, Hwy 19, Sun Prairie

Craft & Bake Sale

Spaghetti Dinner

Volunteer opportunities this fall will be at a Pizza Stand at 5 remaining UW home football games. We need 6 people and a driver for each game. This year 90% of proceeds raised will go to the New Building Fund. The other 10% will go to the Sunshine Place, River Food Pantry and Road Home. In 2016 the Concession Team raised $5,900. Contact Lon at 516-7875 if you'd like to be involved. Go Badgers!

Ah, spaghetti! Eet ees so goot! And we will all get to enjoy it, at a spaghetti dinner on Saturday, October 28, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Effort will be made to give you a romantic Italian experience, maybe even a little “sort-of-Italian” music. Please come and enjoy. After the dinner, we would be happy if you join us for music. Monetary donations will be appreciated. The donations will be used to offset the cost of Lutherdale retreats and confirmation camp.

Saturday, November 11, 8am-4pm. Norwegian lefse, unique crafts & delicious baked goods. Sandwich plate available all day. Host a booth, prepare baked goods, or come and shop. Your contact person is Kay Gritzmacker at 608-249-1737.

Each month the women gather to celebrate birthdays that have occurred in that month.  Cards are exchanged and laughter is shared. A different restaurant is selected each time.  Watch the Sunday bulletin for the next date and  place. Regardless of when your birthday is all women are invited.

Salad Luncheon & Style Show

Men's Breakfast

Birthday Lunch

Concession Team

Light of Life Newsletter

To all who prepared the many salads and bars, set up for the event, modeled the outfits, sang & played piano, blessed us with your attendance, and cleaned up-- a big THANK YOU!

And special thanks to Garden Prairie Farm for the blooming flower donations - they were lovely and made perfect door prizes.