Women's Birthday Lunch

Light of Life Newsletter

Burke Lutheran Church

June 21 and June 22

Save the Dates  -- Find things that spark joy at our annual garage sale. More info coming soon!

Garage Sale!

Each month the women gather to celebrate birthdays that have occurred in that month.  Cards are exchanged and laughter is shared. A different restaurant is selected each time.  Watch the Sunday bulletin for the next date and  place. Regardless of when your birthday is all women are invited.

Thank You!

Men's Breakfast

Thank you for volunteering to help run a Food Stand at UW Football home games. We averaged over $400/game. Ninety percent raised will go to the New Building Fund. The other 10% goes to Sunshine Place and River Food Pantry.

June 9, 3-5:00pm

Join us as DeForest and Sun Prairie area Lutheran churches are hosting a Pentecost Picnic, at Token Creek Park in Sun Prairie.

Concession Team

Pentecost Picnic

Ninety-two people came to the Youth Pancake Breakfast on Palm Sunday, raising a total of $615.25 for confirmation camp.  Thank you to all those who donated food and their time. The breakfast was a great success and could not have happened without everyone.

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Join us at the men's breakfast for a delicious breakfast and fellowship.

When:  Second Wednesday of each month, 9am

Where:  Gus' Diner, Hwy 19, Sun Prairie