Burke Lutheran Church

Craft & Bake Sale

Each month the women gather to celebrate birthdays that have occurred in that month.  Cards are exchanged and laughter is shared. A different restaurant is selected each time.  Watch the Sunday bulletin for the next date and  place. Regardless of when your birthday is all women are invited.

Men's Breakfast

Thank you to all who baked goods, set up booths, worked the sale, and enjoyed the food.  All profit from both the craft and bake sale will go toward the new kitchen needs when the church is moved. If you have any questions about next year's sale, please contact Kay Gritzmacker at 608-249-1737.

Women's Birthday Lunch

Concession Team

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Join us at the men's breakfast for a delicious breakfast and fellowship.

When:  Second Wednesday of each month, 9am

Where:  Gus' Diner, Hwy 19, Sun Prairie

Only 1 home game left! Help run a Food Stand at UW Football games. Last year we averaged close to $400/game. Ninety percent raised will go to the New Building Fund. The other 10% goes to  Sunshine Place and River Food Pantry. Must be 16+. Contact the church office for more details.